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Our main business

We help SMBs manage their information using M-Files document / information management tools.
We only do business in Denmark - thats why you will not find a complete translation of this web site.
If you have a firm in Denmark but do not speak Danish, we would still like to help you. Don't hesitate to call us - we speak English!

Synchronize with on line sources

A major benefit of M-Files is that it relates your documents to none document objects such as customers, suppliers, employees, projects etc. Such objects are often already registered in your ERP or CRM system, and we like to fetch them there rather than manually registering them again. In small businesses those systems are often placed in the cloud where it can be difficult to get direct access to such data. In order to easily synchronize none document objects with cloud based sources 2R Software has developed the 2R Sync tool. That tool has now been acquired by and is marketed as DatumSync.

Integration with difficult existing systems, Big Data analysis

We can call on Dataproces to help you connect M-Files or any other system to existing systems - also old systems that do not offer an interface for dataexchange.
Dataproces have specialists who can help you analyze big data sets and compare data to rules or regulations and pinpoint discrepancies.
Dataproces kindly asks you to contact us for further information and clarifications before you attempt to contact them directly.
Check out this introduction for details.


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BIM software

We also like to help small firms in the construction business get started with reasonably priced 3D software.
For that purpose we offer 4M BIM software and are linking to the free BIM Vision IFC viewer. The same vendor even offers a previewer to be used within M-files, and they have more of the kind in mind for future release. Check out their store


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CAD software

Engineers are referred to for reasonably priced technical software such as Alibre - a 3D design solution that can use M-Files Vault for its drawings.




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